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BrandableTech is all about saving you valuable time by offering an array of tech tools and tutorials that you can brand as you own and give to your audience!

As a Business Coach

You can use our tools and tutorials to help your clients learn how to navigate business technology.  This allows you to have more time to concentrate on business building topics.

As a Virtual Assistant

You can use our tools and tutorials to help train other V.A.'s you work with or to even train your clients in the newest technologies.

As a Web Designer/Developer

You can use our tools and tutorials as a bonus to your clients to help them learn how to the technology needed to run their online business.

WordPress How-To Guides for Beginners

WordPress How To Guides for Beginners

16 WordPress How-To Guides

Use these 16 how-to guides to teach your community how to use WordPress in an easy to understand format with screenshots.

Over 14, 800 Words

With over 14, 800 words you can reassured that all major areas of WordPress are covered in these how-to guides.

Over 140 Screenshots

Use these screenshots to easily show your community exactly what to do and where to find settings.

Multiple Formats

Every how-to comes in PDF, DOCX, and TXT format to make it easy for you to customize, edit, and use.

16 Worksheets

Use these 16 worksheets as a compliment to the how-to guides to help your community remember what they are learning.

16 E-Covers

An e-cover for each how-to guide. These e-covers can be used to help market the guides to your community.

All Purpose Guide

All the how-to guides combined into one document in both PDF and DOCX format. You can use this as a report or small ebook.

113 Slides PowerPoint Template

The PowerPoint template includes slides for each WordPress how-to guide making it perfect for us in a live class!

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