FTP Made Easy

In the world of online business and web development, there are many terms you may have never heard of before. There are also others, while they may sound familiar, you don’t know the meaning. FTP might be one of those terms that you don’t know what it stands for, what it does, or how you can even use it.

The FTP Made Easy Bundle helps you understand what FTP is, how it is different from other similar technology, and how to use it.

This bundle comes complete with PLR rights, meaning you are free to edit it and brand it as your own!

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Here is what you get:

4 Articles - Over 1,800 Words Total! Each article comes in PDF, DOCX, and TXT Formats

  • What is FTP? (538 words)
  • FTP, FTPS AND SFTP Explained (498 words)
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    The Pros and Cons of Using FTP (413 words) 
  • A Review of FileZilla - Free FTP Software (429 words)

FTP Tutorial - How To Use FileZilla with 9 Screenshots

List of Available FTP Software for Windows, Mac, and Mobile Devices

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