Google Apps To Make Life Easy

Google has become a part of millions of people’s everyday life. From email to photos and business, Google has its hand in everything. With hundreds of apps and tools available, Google is most known for its email client, Gmail, document processing suite, Google Docs, and, of course, it’s amazing search abilities.

If you are looking to tap into the Google space in regards to your content creation, then this package is what you need, Google Apps To Make Life Easy. 

You get 10 Articles Exploring Google's Most Popular Apps

  • Google Photos - Unlimited Storage of Your Photos - 523 words
  • What You Can Do With Google Docs - 509 words
  • Gmail: What It Is And Why Everyone Is Using It - 600 words 
  • What Can You Do with Google Spreadsheets? - 513 words
  • What You Can Do with Google Presentation? - 642 words
  • What Can You Do with Google Forms? - 655 words
  • Google Drawings and What Can Be Accomplished with It - 603 words
  • Google Drive - A Must Have Business Tool - 512 words
  • Google Contacts - Your Online Address Book - 431 words
  • Google Calendar - The Ultimate Calendar Tool - 462 words

So you can easily get this content in front of your community we have also included all the articles in a short report format.

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