Private Label Rights FAQs

What are Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Private label rights, mostly known as PLR, is any type of content that you can claim credit for the creation.  Most times you can also edit and re-brand it anyway you want. Just double check any rights or terms of use that comes with the PLR content that you purchase. 

PLR can be known as different  names including: White Label Content, Done For Content, Ready Made Content, and Brandable Content.

Is using PLR content considered plagiarizing?

No. PLR content is created and sold for the purpose of allowing others to use, edit, and publish the content. You have the authority and permission to reuse the content and take the credit for yourself. That is not plagiarism.

What about duplicate content and SEO?

Google generally refers to duplicate content as “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.” This is normally happens will no ill intention and Google adjusts and moves on.

However there are those who duplicate content across multiple websites with the sole hope manipulating search ranking. These people think they are being smart, but Google and other search engines, know what they are doing. This is when duplicate content is dangerous. 

As long as you are not using any dirty SEO tactics and not posting the PLR content to multiple websites with links pointing back to your URL, you are in no danger of a search penalty due to duplicate content.

Can PLR help grow my mailing list?

One of the most popular uses of PLR content is to create opt-in gifts. PLR content makes it easy to create multiple free opt-in gifts for your website. This allows you to give your website visitors more options and incentive to sign up for your mailing list and become a mailing list. 

You can also use PLR content to email your mailing list. The more you email your list, the more connect with your subscribers. You can use PLR to create a weekly or daily newsletter to keep in touch with your subscribers and allows you to continue to serve your visitors long after they have left your website.

Can I sell the PLR content I buy to others?

You will need to read the rights and terms of use that comes with your PLR content, but in most cases, yes, you can sell the PLR content you buy. What you can not do is sell it as PLR. For example, you can create an ebook from the PLR content and sell it for personal use but you can allow the customer to edit and use the ebook as their own. 

How can I use and repurpose PLR content?

The beauty of using PLR content is that you can use and repurpose the PLR content that you have purchased in any way you desire as long as it does not violate the original seller’s terms of use. Just make sure you read the terms of use before using any PLR content.

Some ways you can use PLR content include:
Creating blog posts
Creating newsletters/emails
Filling out a membership area
Bonus products
Social media posts
Audio content
Video content
Opt-in gift
Guest blog

Can I publish PLR content in a Kindle Book?

No. Amazon requires that their books contain 100% original and unique content. Publishing a kindle book using PLR content is against Amazon’s terms of service and if you violate their terms, your account may be banned and you will not be allowed to publish any future books through the Amazon Kindle program.

Why should I use PLR content?

Why buy PLR content when you can just create the content yourself? It’s a good question and more most people the answer is convenience. Business owners are busy people and creating good quality content is time consuming. Using PLR content allows you to save time and get more content out to the public quickly.