5 Questions to Ask Before Buying PLR

There’s a saying that goes, “People love to buy, but they hate being sold to.”

In the make money online niche, this statement is truth. Beginner marketers LOVE to buy products. They’ll buy anything and everything in the hopes of making quick and easy money.

Often before they know it, theyíre in debt and they’ve not made a cent online. I was never this bad, but I different had the bright shiny object syndrome and bought more in the beginning than I should have.

Every single month, several PLR products are released and they make thousands of sales combined. PLR buyers just can’t get enough content – especially quality content.

However, while PLR can be used to further your online business you still need to ask yourself 5 questions before buying any PLR.

1. Why am I getting it? 

You must have a purpose for the content before purchasing it and it has to fit in with your overall marketing plan. This may sound like common sense, I see it happening all the time. If you’re in the weight loss niche, don’t buy woodworking PLR on a whim just because it’s an excellent offer that you can use in the future.

Most times, the future you imagined using it in never comes around you’ll never get to use the content. Focus on only one or two niches at a time until your PLR is actually making you money. You can then get new PLR for new niches when you’re ready.

2. Is the PLR vendor reputable?

Many PLR products are just not worth buying. Do your research and only buy content from a reputable PLR vendor. Check the reviews for the vendor/products. Look at the content they’ve released in the past. Does the PLR vendor have a web presence and do they provide value other than just selling PLR over and over?

3. What exactly am I getting?

Pay attention to the modules/components in the PLR bundle before buying it. In some cases, you might be getting less than whatís being portrayed on the sales page. 

E.g. 3 pieces of content might actually only be 1 piece of content in 3 different formats such as .DOC, .TXT and .PDF

Sometimes the PLR bundle may contain 20 articles and an eBook which is actually a compilation of the 20 articles. If you don’t pay attention, you may mistakenly believe that you’re getting an extra eBook filled with new content when it’s not.

4. What’s my budget?

Unnecessary spending has sounded the death knell on many a marketerís ambitions.

Making money online takes time and you should not approach it from a place of desperation. You’re better off getting a day job and using it to fund your online business until youíre making enough money online to quit your job.

5. Are the rights overly restrictive?

Some PLR vendors are so rigid with their license terms that they constrain you and eliminate several lucrative opportunities that you could have tapped into with the PLR. Avoid these types of restrictive PLR products.

Spending a few minutes pondering if you should purchase PLR or any product for that matter will allow you to make a less emotional decision. Your investments in your online business should be done logically.

Buy PLR content that serves your immediate needs and put the content to use as soon as you can. Do NOT let it sit untouched on your hard drive. That’s the surest way to forget about it and end up in a downward spiral where you buy PLR product after product without ever using any of them. and never enjoying the profits that can be made by efficiently applying the content.