What You Really Need to Make Money with Your PLR

Making money with your private label rights content will demand a few qualities from you, and there are some requirements that youíll need to meet. This goes beyond the file formats and the idea of rebranding and repurposing content, etc. Those are the micro components needed to achieve your goals.

More importantly, to succeed in your online business whether you use PLR or not, you’ll need to look at these macro components that determine success or failure in your life and business.

In this article, we’ll look at how these macro components affect you when it comes to making money with the PLR you purchase.


Action refers to you actually using the PLR content you buy. It’s about taking the content out of its virtual box and putting it to use. It’s about spending time and effort to post the content on your blog and/or repurpose it, etc.

Action is work and the foundational key to your success in this business. Initially, you may hit brick walls and there will be a learning curve. It’s easy to run and hide when the tech stuff seems complicated.

But persistent action will mean you learn what you need to so you can do what you have to in order to effectively implement the PLR in your business. Like they say, “The secret to getting ahead is to get started.”


You will need skills to expertly wield your PLR content. If you have writing skills, you can easily rewrite the PLR content to make them more unique.

You’ll need to learn traffic generation and hone your skills so that you can drive traffic to the offers/content that youíve created with the PLR you purchased.

If you wish to sell a PLR eBook as your own, you’ll need some tech skills to upload the sales pages, accept payments, deliver the product, add the customer to your list, and so on.

All these are skills that are imperative to making money online. You WILL need to spend time learning and practicing to get good at them. Do NOT shirk the learning process because you fear the discomfort that comes from being unsure and/or failing.

The more you try, the better youíll get at it, and in time, youíll be a master at using PLR.


Focus is crucial to making money with PLR content. Without focus, youíll keep buying unnecessary content that you never get around to using. Focus on your business plan and only get PLR that’s aligned with your goals. If you have a prepper site, focus on getting survival content. Do not suddenly buy a bundle of online marketing PLR just because it’s being sold at a discount.

You need to focus on one course of action until you succeed. Do not scatter your efforts and diminish your focus.


Consistency is another important trait you must have. Keep creating products. Keep repurposing your PLR. Keep making blog posts and so on.

Be consistent with your content creation and distribution and be consistent with your traffic generation efforts. Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

When you’re consistent, your efforts will snowball over time and youíll reap rewards many times over in future.


Last but not least, you must put your heart in your business and have your business in your heart. Even when you meet with failures, take heart and know that failure is not the opposite of success, but a part of it.

There will be times when your efforts do not yield fruit. Youíll be disappointed and think itís your fault. This is normal. Shrug off these setbacks and try new approaches.

If your product isn’t selling, rebrand it again and again or try another product or another niche. Take the risk or you’ll lose the chance. Keep trying until success finds you and it will. All you need to do is not lose heart and keep going.

If you can develop these traits and apply them in your business, youíll see success faster than most other people who go about it half-heartedly and never really gain traction. You must go hard and go all the way.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” — Jack Ma